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Upward Bound Journal  is a simple website.  It contains the current issue (shown below)  which you can reach with a simple click. 
Upward Bound is a non-denominational publishing ministry, based on Biblical teachings and dedicated to writing and presenting spiritual, inspirational, and metaphysical principles which will empower people to enrich and transform their lives.
Our commitment to our publishing ministry extends our desire to help people find a richer and more rewarding way to experience their lives. We hope that in the quiet of your home, the serenity of your easy chair, or while walking out in nature, you will read and contemplate lessons that address your questions about life, or provide you with the courage to fulfill your dreams and aspirations.
Upward Bound Journal  is available either as a printed copy, mailed to subscribers bi-monthly, or as an on-line Adobe Reader PDF file as shown below.  The PDF copies can be opend, viewed, downloaded, printed or sent as email attachments to anyone with whom you would like to share the lessons and meditations.  
  When opened on your iPad or tablet you can view them as a full page and full screen.  Adobe Reader allows you to view one page at a time (click on the box in your Adobe Reader  with  arrows pointing in all 4 directions) which makes for very easy reading.  As the popular saying goes, 'try it, we think you'll like it.
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