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  When I retired from the church ministry in Naples, Dottie and I decided to move up-state to the rolling hills, sprawling horse farms and the old Oak trees with dangling Spanish Moss in Ocala, Florida.  That meant leaving many good and meaningful friends...and we very much wanted to stay in touch.  A number of congregants told us they missed my Sunday lessons and guided meditations.  
   That gave us an idea; publish a periodical with lessons, meditations and personal information that would keep us connected.  I had been writing a column for our Unity Church of Naples called 'Upward Bound Journey'  and it only took a couple of pen strokes to give birth of Upward Bound Journal. We applied for status as a recognized alternative Unity publishing ministry and very soon we began with our first issue.
   In my early years working as a professional photographer I learned a lot about graphic design, which added a third dimension to my path in journalism and publishing.  Writer, photographer and graphic designer made my spiritual path as a Unity minister complete.  Publishing Upward Bound Journal has been the most fulfilling experience of my life, and publishing our bi-monthly spiritual journal has not only helped us keep in touch with old friends, but establish many new ones as well.
   We hope that you will find something in each issue that is both rewarding and meaningful for you.
Richest blessings...
Rev. Art & Dottie Holt
Spiritual Lessons for Personal Growth
   Upward Bound is a Unity publishing ministry, a church without walls, a congregation of individuals living many different lives in many different places. The written word replaces the spoken sermon, and the printed pages are in lieu of a podium. Upward Bound Journal is dedicated to assisting people live more productive and healthy lives. 
   The written word is a necessary aspect to help people retain principles and ideas that will help them open up spiritually and transform their lives. For most people, the written word is what continues to reinforce the process of personal change long after a speaker or workshop leader has left the scene.

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