Spiritual Lessons for Personal Growth
Video Meditation
God  -   I put my love of God above all forms of material wealth or personal accomplishment. . . because anything else is worshipping a false god.  When my heart is in the right place I come from love, doing what is the good and right thing to do, and everything works in my favor.  Inner Peace and God are one and the same so putting my focus on God is the key to finding Inner Peace.MARK 7:14 -  (Paraphrase) “What comes from inside a person - thoughts, beliefs, attitudes - makes life good or bad; not the outer world.  The world just is.”
"Be Still and know that I am God," Psalm 46:10
In the stillness of this quiet place, the Presence of God is available to you to give you the peace you seek - "the Peace that passes all understanding." Phil.4:7
Prayer Chapel, Epworth by the Sea, Methodist Retreat Center, St Simons Island, Georgia